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"Let go of the dancer, the centre of the ego, become the dance."
- Osho



KIZOMBA is a partner dance which originated in Angola, born out of it's mother dance SEMBA.

Kizomba is a connection based dance which focuses on earthy movements danced to hypnotic Angolan rhythms. The feeling of dancing Kizomba is often described as floating, or dancing in a Kizomba bubble.

What sets Kizomba apart from any other partner dance styles is it's intention. Kizomba is to be FELT, not to be watched. Traditionally it is not a show dance, the beauty and complexity of Kizomba is often invisible to the observer. 



I had enjoyed attending Geneviève and Adriano’s class for the first time last week, they both work really well together with lots of energy and enthusiasm, Genevieve has been my kizomba dance teacher for a couple of years now and she has taught me so much in correct dance frame, posture and graceful execution.
Geneviève’s background in classical dance sets her apart from any other Kizomba dance teacher in Sydney
— Julia

Adriano E Genevieve demo at the Sydney International Bachata Festival 2018

I had never tried a dance class before, but Adriano and Genevieve really helped me get my basics flowing. Their classes are always different and I like the connection and meditative element.
— Sally
Fun and engaging classes! The beginners class was perfect for me, I felt relaxed and Gen and Adriano gave me the confidence to keep going.
— Roxy
I loved the joyful energy in the classes, and the feeling of the dance. It was relaxing and so much fun.
— Mandish
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